Since 2007 we have been taking care of your well-being respecting the territory and our producers 

We work every day for a more sustainable economy for man and the environment.
Inside each of our products there are stories of people, territories and communities

You will receive a 15% discount code to be used on your first order!
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Odoo • Immagine e testo

Open a Community buying group!
Will allow you and your friends to make ethical and sustainable choices

Promote the establishment of a solidarity buying group in your office, association or group of friends.

Just share the delivery location and all participants will be entitled to free delivery and a 10% DISCOUNT on orders:

- Create your group. 3-4 people are enough and the savings are guaranteed!

- Ask for the promo code for your community buying group and indicate the delivery address (by writing to

- Communicate the promo code to the participants and register all their e-mails directly on the site. Everyone will have a personal account and when checking out the promo code will identify the group and will be entitled to a 10% discount in the cart!

- Wait for delivery: your organic and fair trade products will already be divided, ready to be distributed to participants.

- The minimum order for group purchases is 199.00 euros (149.00 euros for the first order).